The governance of the Trust comprises:

  • Trustee Council consisting of six members elected by the Corporate membership of the Trust and, currently, nine Parliamentary members representing each party represented in the New Zealand Parliament, with those parties having 20 or more members having a second representative.

    The role of the Trustee Council is to provide the membership of the Trust Board (see below) and to provide advice, as required, to that Board relating to the fulfilment of the objectives of the Trust (which remain unchanged from the founding Trust Deed).

  • Trust Board consisting of four Corporate members from the Trustee Council and three Parliamentary members from that Council.  Those parties with the largest and second largest number of Members in a Parliament each have the right to appoint a Member of the Trust Board and the third Parliamentary Member is appointed by agreement amongst all other Parliamentary parties.

    The Trust Board is the legal entity for exercising the powers and responsibilities of the Trust and for the management of the operations of the Trust.   The Trust Board meets three or four times per year.


The Trust employs three part-time staff: a Chief Executive, an Administration Assistantant (who assists with major events) and an Executive Assistant who also acts as the Trust’s Office Manager.  The Chief Executive, whose job it is to ensure appropriate and effective management of the Trust’s operations, recommends appropriate strategic direction for the development of the Trust and contributes to the achievement of the Trust's aims and objectives.

Corporate Subscriptions

The Trust is financed by the business community. Member companies pay a subscription to enable the Trust to provide study courses for Members of Parliament and business people.  These funds, and any other revenue earning activity, also meet costs associated with the work of the Trust.

Corporate members with an annual turnover in excess of NZ$100 million pay NZ$5,000 per annum + GST and those with turnover under NZ$100 million pay NZ$3,000 per annum + GST.  While Parliament does not provide financial support, it does make available, free of charge, venues in Parliament for the Trust’s Parliamentary Seminars, Business Overview events, AGMs and Board meetings.

Provisional Corporate Membership of the Trust was introduced in 2015 and will apply to those Corporate organisations who apply to join the Trust outside the allocation of full membership.  Provisional Corporate Members will pay half the subscription above and have restricted involvement in Trust activities.